About Us



 Seeyouonthetrail is designed to promote anyone in the motor sports industry.  Doesn’t matter if you are an off road racer, road kart racer, off road park owner, a complete motor sports complex owner, or a company that needs to get your product to the masses. We are your one stop shop. We can produce promotional videos, Social media moderation, or just be there to help in other ways to build your company, race team, or complex.


                  Allen “Hitch” O’Neal , The founder, has been in the industry of off road racing for 8 years. He has been involved in everything.  Developing a team and bringing them into the forefront of the series to where they are noticed by large companies and eventually fully sponsored is “Hitch’s” Ultimate goal.


                “Hitch” has to have a working relationship with all companies involved in each series, which involves promotional videos, constant contact, and a competitive spirit to stay top notch in the business of keeping racing alive. He does this with a huge heart and a great history of keeping up with everything and everyone on the race series.


                One thing “Hitch” prides himself on is, Always knowing the car, racer, co driver, and team. When asked how and why do you know so much about the racers? “Its a lifestyle, I sit at home if I can’t be at the race, I watch, I listen, I learn about everyone. If someone knows more about that certain racer, it becomes personal and people tend to cheer for someone that you have something in common with them. This doesn’t exclude companies, For instance, If you have Nitto tires on your trail riding Jeep. You want someone to win on the same tire you are running. How are you going to know that, unless you know that racer, or you are told by a company such as mine or an announcer (Providing the announcer knows what he is doing). “


               To basically sum up Seeyouonthetrail and “Hitch” all together. It’s a love for the sport and a drive to be able to make it thrive. We have all heard the question “Can racing make you a millionaire? And the honest answer is “Only if your a billionaire to begin with.” And it’s the truth. Although, “Hitch” doesn’t own a race car nor will he get in a race car. He understands the expense and is always willing to help where he can. Which is in the form of promotion to help you the racer or the company selling to that certain racer that you want to see on the podium that will take your company to the top! Please consider Seeyouonthetrail to help you in that journey.